7 Latest undiscovered travel places in India 2019

Travelling is the best way to rejuvenate. A small break from daily humdrum of life to any beautiful destination really help us to relax and unwind and most of the time we end up going to Goa, Shimla, Darjeeling which are quite common and visited places. so why not try some alternative ones? Let’s have a look at these places- 7 latest undiscovered travel places in India 2019


Kamshet is an awesome offbeat destination and is at the top place in our list- 7 latest undiscovered travel places in India 2019 You can plan your picturesque nature trail and can include some attractions like Bedse cave, Bhaja cave, Wet N Joy water park , Visapur Fort, Ek vira among others. If you are an adventurous junkie then you must travel here ones if you are in Maharashtra.


At number 2 in our list- 7 latest undiscovered travel places in India 2019 is Mawsynram village. If you are thinking that you have heard that place somewhere then you are right as this place is known as wettest place in India due to heavy rain falls which only polishes and enhances its beauty. The main attractions of this place is huge formation of stalagmites which resembles Shivling. It is also known for living bridges.


Shekhawati region of North Rajasthan comprises of the area’s falling under seeker JUN JUN and some paths of CHURU and reward. These Northern areas are less travelled but a pure bliss for explorers. It’s architecture marvels which are beautifully crafted hawali, forts, colourful frescoes are impeccable captures of idol essence of this semi-arid land and that’s why this area is known as open-air Art Gallery.


Lakshadweep Island, unspoiled beaches, clear sky, wonderful nature is like a paradise on earth. This resplendent destination is one of the offbeat destination in India and stands at Number 4 in our list- 7 latest undiscovered travel places in India 2019


The small district in Dharamsala. Himachal Pradesh is also known as Little Lhasa. Lhasa is a land of serenity and holiness. It is nestled dum it’s majestic hills and enchanting greenery visit these all inspiring hills and slip into the idyllic surroundings and get to know about Tibetans.


If you are a nature lover then we are sure that you will fall in love with this hill station. COORG is located in Karnataka and also known for its misty and breathtaking word in Landscapes. Some of the famous attractions are Abbey falls not rolling monastery in another hole National Parks and Plantations as it is home to exotic Flora and Fauna.


Last but not least in our list- 7 latest undiscovered travel places in India 2019 is Patan. It is not that famous among travelers but is a must visit unexplored place in India. If you are in Patan then you must go to Rani Kebab which is one of the UNESCO’s world Heritage sites and this is the reason why it is slowly gaining prominence among tourists. Experience old world charm and scenic beauty which is heaven.

So, if you are planning to visit any of these places or you have visited any unique places which we have failed to mention. Let us know in the comment section below.

This is all from our list- 7 latest undiscovered travel places in India 2019. Hope you like the Information.

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