Street food in jammu

Rawalpindi|desi ghee k chole-poori

Hello friends, I come with one more place for street food in jammu you can definitely visit. Yes, If you are from jammu, you are for sure awared with this place. It is the famous Rawalpindi sweet shop

This shop is about 100 years old and one of the oldest sweet shop in jammu. One that is perfect match for famous street food in jammu , here you will find all the products that are made in pure desi-ghee.

Location – Jain Bazaar area of jammu city or you can say old city. For exact location click on guide

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Special attraction – Desi ghee k poori-chole | halwa | malpura

Maximum all products are good here but is specially famous for its poori chole made of pure desi ghee. you can also try Halwa and malpura, if you are a sweets lover. This place is in the heart of jammu, city of temples. you can come here with family for lovely experience.

Price :  poori-chole served with chutney for 40 INR and Halwa costs around 20 INR for 100gms

Tip : If you have patience for your order then visit on sunday otherwise come alternate day

Exploring fun try to provide some useful information regarding this place-Rawalpindi Sweet Shop-Desi ghee k poori chole-street food in jammu

Hope you find this information useful.

Rating– 9/10

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